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An illustrated picture book

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“Turbo TIPPI botons i ampolles” (Turbo TIPPI) MACBA hall, Barcelona, 2018.

…Tippi, an elegant Giraffe

Extract from the book presentation (2018, idea 2010)

(..) We aim to take children on a fantastic journey and imaginary business trip with TIPPI the polytechnic giraffe. On this trip, we learn how fundamental it is to recycle, transform, re-use – and re-think our daily actions – to reach a “zero-waste” goal. Children will learn how to look at any kind of “waste” in a creative way. Replacing the outdated meaning of the word “waste” with the simple idea that through creativity any waste can be a “resource” and a “tool”. We will make this journey by flying from one end of the world to the other. Seen from above, the world becomes tiny… “The ocean looked like a lake, and the cities seemed closer together. Like coffee beans scattered on a glass table.

It is easier for children to understand big ideas such as recycling, or the relativity of our planet’s size and its natural resources, through colorful, playful stories. The tale can be read on several layers. Weaving innovative and forward-looking values into a fantastic, delightful adventure. Never heavy-going or explicitly didactic, Turbo TIPPI buttons and bottles is cheerful, full of rhythm and vibrant scenarios despite the serious environmental themes in the background.

Turbo TIPPI buttons and bottles is the first of a trilogy with the same main characters: TIPPI is a talented but clumsy polytechnic giraffe working in design, exploration, and research, and LIA is a young and curious girl who learns new things while completing and improving TIPPI’s actions. The three independent books view the earth from over the seas, from outer space, and from the mountains. Published, “Turbo TIPPI” 2020, Albe Edizioni Srl Milano

Space TIPPI goes Mars is a journey in pioneering Mars colonization and consideration about how rich in life and vital resources our mother planet is. The disorganized TIPPI manages a trip full of surprises. While LIA wonders what we know about the planets, and brings TIPPI safely back to our blue planet grateful for having realized how precious our atmosphere is.

Gentle TIPPI climbing is a journey into being creative and playful with numbers. A mountain hike up to a fantastic office at the top of the Alps to count and catalog the trees of planet Earth introduces LIA to a simplified form of data visualization, with TIPPI clumsier than ever in trying to predict the numbers of endangered forests.

About the authors

  • Stefano Vuga, designer, author, and illustrator

Passionate about design, children’s literature, and digital content. Completed a Diploma in Graphic Design in Milan then studied at the Politecnico di Milano, earning a Master’s degree in Industrial Design with a thesis presented by the two terms director of the Milan Triennale Foundation and Exposition, Arturo Dell’Acqua Bellavitis. While studying he started working in Milan in the fashion industry for Scottish and British designers. In 2007 he moved to Barcelona, working as a consultant for wider business areas related to design, art, publishing, and events. He actively collaborates with contemporary artists, including Bouke de Vries (Collection Kay Saatchi, Pallant House Gallery) producing the artist’s video installations. In 2014 he began to publish independent projects presented at the Barcelona Children’s Literature Festival Món Llibre. Festival hosted by MACBA Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art and CCCB Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona.

  • Eleonora Vuga, teacher, author

Passionate about children and parenting since forever. Completed a Diploma in socio-psycho-pedagogical studies and continued her education at the UNIMIB · School of Medicine and Surgery of Milan-Bicocca where she earned a Bachelor’s in Midwifery. She worked as a primary-school teacher in the public and private sectors until 2013, when she resumed her university studies and completed her hospital practice. Following in her grandmother’s steps, whose original diaries, notes, and academic bibliography of the training in the same profession she keeps. Besides preserving the family memories and being very busy with her three kids, she has always curated the contents and revised the texts of her brother Stefano’s stories. Currently working as a primary-school teacher in Bergamo.