Paolo Gonzato


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The collaboration begins investigating the possibilities of the digital scanning and printing of physical pieces.

First test: The digital scanning of an original ceramic model is executed preserving all the 3d acquisition imperfections and accidentalities. Wrong polygons, unclosed paths, wrong surfaces generated by and during the acquisition process are preserved and not removed from the file. The process phenomena results are not hidden in subsequent file cleaning phases, except for the ones granting static stability. The artist wants the integral process to be part of the visible results. The final object is a 3d model and a single-piece physical replica in different scales which is itself another and unique original.

Amphora-shaped vase: 3d acquisition from an original piece, and 3d printing in two different objects. Two different paths proceed from the same original scanning. For the first object (Image 1), as for the precedent vase, the process is repeated, an absolute state of purity and transparency of any possible imperfection which came not only from the acquisition process but also from the physical reproduction process is preserved as part of the piece. For the second object, we have a refined version of the file and a clean result.

Image 1: “Pastiche” Paolo Gonzato. Officine Saffi, Milan, 2020.

Gallery Officine Saffi