Bouke de Vries


Artist profile @boukedevries

The collaboration begins in 2009 initially just for the digital catalog of the works, then progressively evolves in a prolific and happy collaboration on video installations, concept visualization, and prototyping.

Pendulum, video component only. “(…) Working with a computer animator, de Vries has made a small screen for this space, which shows a spooky animation of a pendulum with the face of a doll that ages with every tick, from baby to a skull: ‘Tempus Fugit! This collaboration opens a whole new area of work. I just wish I had more time.’” Emma CrichtonMiller Christie’s Magazine.

Still image from the “Pendulum” animated sequence, 2012.

“The Wall”, full trust in the creative direction is this time openly assigned as part of the task. The video (designed to run as a projection on large surfaces and not on monitors) is part of an art installation first time shown at the Chateau de Nyon and pertaining to the same exhibition where the Pendulum installation was running. The same video will tour the globe across Europe and China.

Test render still image and video.

UCL Japanese Courtyard. A very important assignment on a beautiful and delicate project. In the pictures, we see the sculpture’s executive study and its virtual prototyping. The design is based on the artist’s sketches. The final simulation is the same delivered to the production laboratories in Madrid. Sculpture destination: UCL Japanese Courtyard. Originally planned for a spring 2019 official inauguration, the official press presentation is postponed to spring 2022 due to the COVID-19 emergency.

Below, in-progress project, digital and physical prototyping, 2022/23.